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Why is VAT Applicable on Silver and Not on Gold

You can buy gold as well as silver bullion from one of the leading and reliable bullion dealers in UK giving you an opportunity to buy coins and bars at great prices in a suitable way. You are sure to get authorised and fully insured bullion.

Buy Gold

Gold is one of the rarest metals. It is used for making physical currency in the form of gold coins and bars. It is one of the most reliable sources of investment, as it provides protection and insurance during times of financial instability due to economic recession. You can buy gold in the form of gold bullion coins and bars in different sizes.

price of silverVAT on Silver

Just like Gold, you can also get a range of silver bullion in the form of silver bars and coins available in various sizes.  The price of silver is also less than the price of gold. It also forms an important investment opportunity for future. Silver also offers financial security although you have to pay VAT on silver.

Is it Good to Buy Silver as well as Gold?

You should invest in silver along with gold to form a highly balanced investment. If you invest in both, the value of your investment will also double.

Is VAT Applicable On Your Gold and Silver Bullion investment?

VAT is commonly known as the value added tax. In UK, it is applicable on a certain range of commodities. On some commodities, it is 5% but on majority of trading items, you have to pay a VAT of 20%. It is exempted on Gold bullion, but there is 20% VAT on silver, including silver coins and bars. As silver is not exempted from VAT, people find it a speculative investment in comparison to gold. Even the price of silver is more unstable than gold; therefore, it offers quick returns. But if you have VAT registration, you have the possibility to claim the VAT paid by you on your silver bullion.

The price of silver is lower than that of gold. Due to VAT, Investors prefer to make long-term investment in silver and buy goldbullions for short-term profits.