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Selling Options for Gold and Silver Assets

Nowadays it’s a relatively simple and easy process  to sell your old gold and silver jewellery to certified dealers for quick money. Cash for gold services will give you a fair price for your gold, after weighing it up,  based on the current gold price chart. Some companies will also purchase silver at the silver price today or platinum from you at the current market rate. Reliable gold buyers use a simplified purchase process, taking care to secure your valuables and keep your personal information private, and see that you receive your money as fast as possible.

Most companies operate online or by phone, but a few local bullion shops still exist where you can go to do your business face-to-face with a gold dealer, if you prefer. You take your gold or silver to the shop, weigh it up, agree on a fair price based on the current gold price chart, and then off you go with your cash in hand. But selling your precious metals to any company, be it online or at a shop, can be a risky business, as this market has its share of crooks looking to get their hands on precious metals for a lower price so that can sell at a profit.

To avoid dealing with fraudulent companies or agents, always diligently research the history of companies you are interested in and look at their reputations and business practices. You can find listings of reliable dealers online for both online companies and local locations. Pick a company that gives accurate spot prices and has a reliable reputation, one that you can trust, to do your business with.

If your gold or silver is at home, then you’ll have to send your precious metal to the buyer before any deal can be reached. If your precious metals are at a storage facility, then they can send your metals for you to the buyer. Having your metals evaluated by an independent registered valuator and obtaining insurance on your bullion are good investments to ensure safe handling of your gold and silver by interested buyers or any third parties.

Stay objective when dealing with any buyers you choose to work with and be sure that you can trust him. Use secure methods for shipping your bullion, coins, or jewellery to the buyer, with an effective tracking system in place. A silver dealer will weigh your silver and consult the silver price today to come to a fair price for your amount of silver. If you agree to the price, you can close the deal and the dealer then will arrange for you to get your money as fast as possible.

Another popular way of trading gold and silver online is to use ETFs, including GLD and SLV. These ETFs have call options for buying and put options for selling, both are usually under a time limit though. Before the time limits run out, one has the right but not the obligation to either buy or sell 100 shares of the underlying precious metal securities. A call option will usually rise in value as the underlying securities rise in value and a put option will usually rise in value when the value of the underlying securities declines.

As time passes, the value of either gold or silver options can also get eroded. However, if you choose to be a seller of options instead of a buyer, the time decay can work to your advantage. To buy or sell these options, you will need to open a trading account with a broker who handles futures and options in trading.