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How to Check if Your Gold is Real?

With gold price per ounce showing a rising trend, it’s all the more important to know if you are making a real deal. Moreover, there have been increasing reports of counterfeit or fake gold bars entering the international market. It has been found that these counterfeit gold bars were stuffed with tungsten, instead of gold. With this uncertainty, it’s important to find ways to mitigate the risk of ending up with fake gold.

Here are a few tips to test your gold:

  • Check the exact dimensions of your gold item, which may include gold bullion, bars, wafers, or coins. Producers such as Baird & Co have laid down exacting standards. To find if your gold meets the parameters, buy a good quality pair of calipers, which will help you measure the thickness, diameter, and other specific dimension of your gold item. With gold being a dense metal, it can be plated with other metals. Plating may allow counterfeiters to match the proper weight of gold, but not the size. If you know the gold market, you can spot the difference and identify whether your gold is fake or real.
  • Determine whether your coin is magnetic. Since gold is not magnetic, it should not stick to magnet. You need a strong magnet that can help determine whether any other metal has been used in its formation. Typically counterfeiters use metals that don’t have magnetic properties in order to avoid being caught. With rise in gold price per ounce, counterfeiters try to make the most of such volatile conditions to earn big profits.
  • Examine the gold piece for official markings. You can use a magnifying glass for this. A stamp indicates karat or fineness.
  • Look for discolouration near the clasp and between the links. If there is any discolouration or doubt, it is better to test your gold bullion bar.
  • Use palms of your hands to rub the gold jewellery vigorously. If your hands are sweaty, plated gold may smell like strong acidic metal.

Buy a gold testing acid kit. While the price of the kit may be as high, considering the gold price per ounce, it is worth purchasing if it can help you check whether yours is real gold. To avoid purchasing fake Gold Bars, always consult a reliable specialist such as Postal Bullion, who ensure all bars and coins are certified authentic and only supply authentic Royal Mint and Baird products.