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A Guide to Buying Gold and Silver as A Gift

Gold and silver are a lot more than just precious metals and make one of the most heartfelt gifts that can be bought. Gold is loved the world over and has been used for special occasions as an acceptable gift, however different communities use gold in different ways during festivals and celebrations.

Within the Indian community, silver or gold coins are generally given to newborn babies; they also make the perfect festival gifts. In fact, there are festivals, such as Akshaya Tritiya, during which buying gold is considered auspicious and a harbinger of good luck and wealth. Investing in gold is a tradition in many a household during the Diwali season too.

Similarly, jewellery is a very effective way of investing in gold and silver. It serves the dual purpose of a gift being useful in the long run and being liked by one and all. Many people buy gold in this form more for the aesthetic value of it rather than the good returns they would probably make on the investment, somewhere down the road. Some people even offer gold and silver ornaments to their family. During weddings Gold is given to brides

For the Chinese, gold and silver has always been considered good fortune, and was presented as a gift at weddings, births and other great achievements. After the governments restructure at the turn of last century, Chinese citizens were banned from buying gold bullion without government knowledge, but at the end of 2002 the requirements changed and owning precious metals was promoted. Now Chinese citizens can buy gold and silver bullion or invest in jewellry if they prefer, without any interference and at a reduced gold price.

Prices of silver and the gold price are skyrocketing day by day. In fact, the plummeting prices of these metals create more ripples when compared to the prices going up. This makes gold and silver one of the best and the safest investment avenues. To begin with, the risk factor attached with these metals is much less. The prices hardly, if ever, go down. Even if they do, the returns stay over what one would generally get with other investment options. While these precious metals might offer higher returns, the risk factor associated is equally high, if not more. These returns are dependent on a lot of factors. With gold though, the riskiness attached is not a matter of concern. Experts, too, agree that the chances of gold demand falling are very slim.

Gold and silver act as good sources for emergency funds, too. Nearly all jewellery stores have good buy-back schemes in place. Also, nearly all banks offer loans against gold at attractive rates. So, to buy gold bullion in physical form is a sort of emergency fund that anyone can bank upon at any time. These factors, therefore, combine to make silver and gold coins one of the most suited gifts to present to one’s family and friends.