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Buy Gold Bullion from as little as £78

It’s never been easier to invest in gold and here at PostalBullion, we’re offering investors from all financial backgrounds a chance to own their very own gold bullion.

In fact, investors can now receive a 2.5-gram gold bar from as little as £78 – proving that the precious metal is no longer only accessible to the super-rich.Gold Bullions

So, why choose to spend your hard-earned money on Gold? Well, there are a whole host of reasons, including:

- Gold is a physical asset that you can hold and touch. It is YOURS to see and keep. As such, once you receive your gold, you know that it won’t disappear in the way that bank savings or stocks and shares may.

- Gold bars (investment grade) are exempt from VAT thanks to the 200p EU Gold Directive.

Gold can be put into a self-invested personal pension.

- Gold has proven to be a valuable asset during times of economic crisis.

Investing In Gold Bars

A traditional gold bar is made from 400 troy ounces (12.5 kilograms) of gold and is worth about £340,000. But to woo more investors, companies such as The Royal Mint and Baird & Co have started to produce mini-gold bars weighing just 2.5-gram – costing around £78.

The small gold bars are best suited for gifts or investors who are just starting out as they are Gold Barrelatively inexpensive. For example, a 2.5-gram bar might cost £78, but a 100-gram bar will cost in the region of £2,500.

The Royal Mint is not the only provider of solid gold bars. At PostalBullion we are authorised distributors for Baird & Co and offer a safe and convenient way of purchasing gold online. This saves you the hassle of going to a physical shop to purchase your gold.

You can even go and see your gold at Baird & Co, but if you’d prefer, you can leave it in their vaults (for a small fee) and sell it back to us when you are ready.

Mark Sargent, 41, from West Sussex, has a large amount of gold, comprising four one-kilogram gold bars and 340 Britannia gold coins. His gold hoard is with Baird & Co and worth more than £400,000.

Mark says: ‘I don’t buy anything I do not understand. I like gold because it is a physical asset that you can actually hold in your hands. I’ve visited Baird and inspected my gold with my own eyes. It is also a good asset to hold in times of economic crisis.’

It’s not just gold bars we provide at PostalBullion, although we do offer a range of the finest from 2.5-grams up to a kilogram. We also offer other precious metals including silver and platinum bars and a range of gold and silver coins.

2015 sovereign

Investing In Gold Coins

Gold coins are also a good choice for investors. The most popular include the South African Krugerrand and the British Britannia. The Krugerrand is a 22-carat gold coin. It contains an ounce of pure gold but it is also comprised of a copper alloy to harden it. The Britannia is one ounce of pure 24-carat gold.

Using an authorised distributor such as PostalBullion, you might pay around £820 for a 2015-minted Britannia at current market prices, and £825 for a Krugerrand.

A popular choice for new investors is the Sovereign which contains just under a quarter of a troy ounce of gold – about seven grams. The price of a Sovereign at The Royal Mint starts at £325 but at PostalBullion the price for a 2015-minted Sovereign is just over £200.

Ready To Invest?

If you are wondering how to buy gold online then we are here to make the entire process easy and secure. You will need to register an account with us online and once it is set up, you can start buying immediately. You can order your gold bars and coins at any time of the day and our team are available to help 7 days a week.

You will also be able to track the performance of your gold investment against the current price through your online account. We will also keep you informed with regular market updates, daily change in gold price, special offers and much more. Register with Postal Bullion today!