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Are Rare Gold Coins a Good Investment Option?

Investment in gold is a smart option for most investors. Investors prefer to invest in gold as it provides great returns and its prices are not affected by political or economic problems.

You can invest in either gold bars or gold coins. Most of the investors just buy gold bars; intelligent collectors invest in certified gold coins. They prefer to buy gold coins because they can easily sell them in the market.

Gold coins

Why You Should Buy Gold Coins?

  • You can begin with a small investment and gradually build up your collection as per your capacity.
  • Gold coins have always been a good investment. You only need to select the right coins and the right market for the best results.
  • Gold coins are well for the investment as its supply is limited. But the demand is continuously increasing.
  • You can easily sell these coins and can get the payment immediately.  You can even divide your sales easily as you can take the number of coins you want to sell, leaving the other untouched.
  • You can easily store these gold coins in a bank safe or any other safe location.

Certain factors, particularly Inflation, cannot affect the value of gold coins.

2013 Britannia Gold CoinInvestors should make careful planning before making any investment in gold coins. It is very important to decide about the types of coins to buy, how and from where to buy gold coins. The 22ct and 24ct gold coins are considered as ideal investments in the UK.  You can get these at very competitive prices from known gold bullion dealers.  You can also make your investment in 2012 and 2013 Britannia Gold Coins, which are CGT free British gold coins. Or you can also opt for 1oz Krugerrand Coin, for which you are not required to pay any VAT or any Capital Gains Tax.

Buy gold coins from those bullion dealers who offer secure, fast and insured delivery so that you are protected against any damage or loss.

Investors buy gold coins for three purposes – for investment, as a collection or as a secure assert. For each of these purposes, there are different options for gold coins.

  • For investment purpose, buy coins with low premiums and high liquidity.
  • Collection of gold coins depends upon individual preference. But they should buy graded gold coins.
  • Gold is a safe and ultimate wealth asset. It can be used as money.

You should know your own investment goals before laying your money to buy gold coins. You should make a good investment and succeed as an investor.