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Gold Investment Q&A

Gold Investment Guide Gold is not just one of the rarest metals on the planet but also the most sought after since the time it was discovered. It has been used for creating physical currency and has been in use in the form of gold coins. It has played an important role in defining the monetary system of different civilisations and countries across the world. Gold is made available primarily through mining and over the years, the demand for gold has led to an increase in the gold price. Among the different types of investable assets available, gold is considered as one of the most reliable. Investment...
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Should You Invest In Silver As Well As Gold?

Most often than not, investors spend time trying to decide what type of bullion will offer them best return on investments. Most investors are indecisive about whether to buy gold or silver or both. One of the important things to understand is that both silver and gold have their salient aspects and drawback. To Buy Gold bullion is more expensive than silver but also offers strong protection or insurance against economic slowdowns and market busts. To buy Gold bars is preferred during uncertain economic period because silver is considered to be a rather speculative investment. This is in spite of...
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